Understanding the Physical Mind

During our meditations we pay no attention to the mind's thoughts. This pause brings higher levels of spiritual awareness.

Sri Chinmoy writes -

"The physical human mind tries to identify itself with an external object, with something limited. The mind looks at an object with an eye of hesitation. The mind unconsciously gets pleasure in things that are complicated and confused."

When quietening your mind, never feel that a mind free of thought invites unwanted forces. By keeping your mind calm and quiet for ten or fifteen minutes each day you witness a deeper reality. Within the mind's stillness your meditative experiences grow and your spiritual progress continues.




The questioning mind
I was.
The answering heart
I now am.

-Sri Chinmoy-

Never feel that with no thought you are lost. Remember a time when you were sitting quietly on a beautiful beach. Were you consumed by your mind's thoughts then, or were you allowing the serenity of the experience to flood you with inner joy and stillness? These peaceful experiences flow quiet naturally and spontaneously from the boundless freedom of the soul.

The mind’s 'thinking' is not at all necessary for meditation: thinking and meditating are absolutely different things. Meditation is free of focused thought. Thoughts at times shall appear and when they do, simply allow them to pass by unnoticed, as a cloud silently passes across the sky. When the mind is still, you are free to identify with higher divine qualities and light from the soul.

Some people find that when they begin to meditate their thoughts seem to be running riot. This is quite natural. It shows that we have become aware of just how persistant our thoughts are. Don't be disheartened or give up. Whatever thoughts arise, just keep in the present moment, keep returning to the breath, even in the midst of all the mental chatter.

What do I do when bothered by thoughts in my meditation?

Persevere! This is the most common obstacle in the beginning because we use the mind constantly in our daily affairs. The mind can resist, but your determination and patience shall overcome these early difficulties. The soul has infinitely more capacity than the mind. We have to give the soul time to illumine the mind. The soul brings its qualities forward through the spiritual heart. That is why we focus on the heart in our meditation exercises. The spiritual heart is the vessel through which the soul offers its illumining, pure and divine qualities to the mind and body.

Concentrate on the infinite silence, beauty and compassion of the heart. These spiritual realities bring a new expanded awareness to the limited physical mind. This gradual transformation brings increased light and divine illumination. Ultimately the thoughts cease for longer and longer periods, replaced by pure radiant reality.

It matters not how much
Our mind knows.
It matters only how much
Our heart gives.

-Sri Chinmoy-


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