The power of imagination

Is it possible to free the mind to allow spontaneous, ever-expanding free-flowing creative imagery for your meditations? Yes, it is!

For beginners, meditation exercises normally commence with the proposition that you use your imagination to create an idyllic scene, awareness or experience. For many these visualisation exercises are easily created, while others find them more challenging as they require the freedom of creative, not analytical awareness. If you have difficulty visualising, do not worry!


Take a long deep breath and simply recall places, sounds and feelings that bring upliftment, inspiration, a sense of calm, tranquillity and happiness.

The power of imagination
Is unimaginable.

- Sri Chinmoy-

Can you remember spending time at the beach? What were your happiest memories of this experience? Sailing your yacht with the wind filling the sails, enjoying happy times with friends, the invigorating feeling of walking along the beach in the early morning light, the soothing sound of the breaking waves, or the peace felt while watching a sunrise or sunset?

Such recollections required no mental processing. You simply reemerge yourself in the fullness of an experience that brought happiness or fulfilment. Such is the nature of meditation. Such recollections are experiences of the spiritual heart, which you can recall at any moment, anywhere.

The inner world
Is not a mental fantasy–
It is an unfathomable Reality.

-Sri Chinmoy-


Sacred lotus-flower


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