Whether you are seeking inspiration from Sri Chinmoy's writings, music or art; wanting to get involved in humanitarian service to remote nations; looking for a meditation course, a triathlon or a good vegetarian restaurant, you'll find plenty to inspire and nourish in the following online resources.

Sri Chinmoy: Official Complete Source
This comprehensive site provides an overview of Sri Chinmoy's life and teachings, as well as his writings, music and artistic creations.

Sri Chinmoy Library
More than a thousand of Sri Chinmoy's inspiring works are online and searchable.

Sri Chinmoy Books

The international site for the preview and purchase of Sri Chinmoy's most popular books translated in many languages.

Sri Chinmoy TV

Enter into a world of boundless creativity through the music, art and talks of Sri Chinmoy, or join him for a few moments of meditative silence.

Sri Chinmoy in Concert
A review of the almost 800 free Peace Concerts Sri Chinmoy offered around the world.

Sri Chinmoy Races
Visit the home page of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Australia, which sponsors numerous athletic events annually, including fun-runs, swims, triathlons, multi-sport and ultra-endurance events.

Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run
The Peace Run is a 70-nation torch relay sharing a simple message: we are one.

My Rainbow-Dreams
My Rainbow-Dreams is a vegetarian cafe in Canberra offering food that is nourishing to both body and soul.

Joy-Discovery Cafe
Joy-Discovery Cafe is a vegetarian cafe situated in the heart of Adelaide. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and delicious food.

Incense of the World
Importers of the finest incense from around the world.