Having a Spiritual Teacher

When we want to learn a musical instrument we go to a teacher who is accomplished in this field and we take lessons.

If we wish to become a great sports person we find a coach to train us and advise us on our technique. At school and university we learn from the teachers and lecturers who have already attained the knowledge we are seeking. With anything we want to learn in life it is always beneficial and most advisable to learn from a teacher who has travelled the particular road before us and can help us progress rapidly and surely.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy: an inspirational teacher and a life of service.

From centuries gone by, this has also proved true in the spiritual life. When we feel a hunger to dive deep within and discover an existence vast and unlimited. When we are eager to transcend who we are today, get more out of life, and ourselves, and learn to live an aspiring, fulfilling and progressive life it is beneficial to have a spiritual teacher who has travelled the secret ways of life already and can inspire us and guide us to unimaginable heights. There have been many spiritual masters in the world. True, sincere spiritual teachers devote their entire existence to inspiring and serving mankind and the world selflessly.

Sri Chinmoy is one of these people who has an incredibly vast amount of wisdom, inspiration, poise and unconditional love and concern for humanity. He has a deep respect for other spiritual paths and the ancient truths of past great spiritual teachers like The Buddha, The Christ, Lord Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna. He believes that all spiritual paths, teachers, and religions have one underlying seed from which grows the different branches and flowers on the tree of spirituality. There are many different paths up the same mountain, leading to the same goal and Sri Chinmoy is the first to say that his path is certainly not the only way. For those people who feel he can assist them in their search for true happiness and fulfilment, he will gladly and most compassionately take responsibility for their spiritual progress and guide them along their way.

Being born into a very spiritual family, and growing up in an ashram in India, immersed in the ancient teachings and practice of meditation, Sri Chinmoy had some profound inner experiences and realisations at a very young age. Inspired by an inner calling, at the age of thirty-three he moved to America to share some of the eastern light of spirituality with seeking westerners, who seemed hungry for a new purpose and fulfilment in life. Sri Chinmoy now offers an abundance of teachings, inspiration and inner guidance to thousands of people from different nationalities, backgrounds and walks of life who have found something in Sri Chinmoy's living example and realisation of the truth, that they feel can lead them towards their own self-realisation, illumination and inner freedom.

Sri Chinmoy's path and his own life is the full acceptance of life and the world. Living in the world and bringing meditation and the inner reality into our everyday lives. The inner life and the outer life must go together. Gone are the days when realisation is found only in a Himalayan cave, renouncing the world. Spirituality is very normal. We are all spiritual beings at the heart of our essence and meditation is simply a rediscovery of our inner divinity, unlimited potential and boundless inner poise, happiness and delight... which is nothing other than our own soul, our true existence.

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