Meditation Exercise 5 - Bird Meditation

The mind's and body's search for true happiness often leads to momentary satisfaction, a faint semblance only of our heart's ever-climbing search for spiritual fulfilment and true satisfaction.

Freedom-bird exercise -

Imagine you are a bird sitting in a tall tree high on a mountain summit. You are about to commence a journey, a journey of self-discovery, guided entirely by your heart's longing for fulfilment and satisfaction. A freedom-journey that shall take you to new discoveries and inner experiences. Aware that others have gone before you on their journey of freedom, you seek the same.

All this lies before you, awaiting your journey to commence. Slowly you gather the strength and confidence to open your wings. You immediately feel the wind's strength and its potential, a hint of the freedom to come.

Now as you fully extend your wings a strong gust of wind lifts you, and you are free to soar higher and higher. Far below you the mist-filled valleys stretch to the distant horizons. As you turn into the wind you effortlessly climb with great speed, to unimagined heights in the infinite blue sky. You are overwhelmed at the exhilaration you feel, the thrill and joy! This has been your dream and you are realising it with wonder and elation.

As an aspiring individual, we are each searching for true freedom, for satisfaction and real fulfilment. However no outer pleasure, thrill or experience can ever bring us true and lasting satisfaction.

So where does it lie? The answer lies deep within, in our conscious oneness with the highest reality. The power from this higher reality continuously flows and resonates through all life, all matter. Some call it God, Brahma, Higher Spirit or Eternal Being. Our identification with this consciousness of the highest reality brings abiding joy, purpose, fulfilment and contentment.

How do we access the beauty and power of this universal consciousness? Through the tranquility and stillness of meditation. It is only when we have gained the powerful inner connection with our soul, will the beauty of our outer freedom have true meaning and be fully satisfying. Then based on our regular meditation practice, can we fully extend our inner wings and soar to unparalleled heights.


What is joy?
It is a bird that we all want
To catch.
It is the same bird that we all love
To see flying.

-Sri Chinmoy-


Sacred Lotus blossom


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