What else do we do?

As well as classes and concerts, we also organise sporting and peace initiatives to bring people together. 


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Self-transcendence through sports

Sri Chinmoy saw sports as a natural complement to meditation, and his Australian students organise some of the most unique and fun sporting events in the country.

Our yearly multisport classic in Jindabyne

Meditation matters - a podcast

Every Thursday, Prachar Stegemann from Canberra shares another episode of Meditation Matters - meditation exercises and advice on maintaining and growing your practice.

An introduction by Prachar

Selected episodes

The Mind and the heart

How meditation works

There are over 100 episodes available on the Canberra Meditation website:

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Our members around the world

As well as Australia , there are Sri Chinmoy Centres in over 50 countries, with members from all walks of life.