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A selection of Sri Chinmoy's books are also available in audiobook form (both for free and to purchase) - for more, visit Radio Sri Chinmoy
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The complete works of Sri Chinmoy

by Sri Chinmoy
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Sri Chinmoy was a prolific author of poems, talks and plays. In addition, countless questions and answers from spiritual seekers over a 40+ year period have been published. During his lifetime, his published output totalled almost 1,600 books, which have been a source of illumination for spiritual seekers all over the world.

In 2015, Ganapati Press started a project to publish all these writings in 80-100 beautiful large hardbound volumes that will meet museum archival standards. At the time of writing (2021) there have been 36 volumes published.

Some notable volumes include: (the links below are to the Ganapati Press website)

  • Poetry, vol. I The Dance of LifeThe Wings of LightThe Golden Boat series 3 poetry series of 1000 poems each, written in the 1970's
  • Answers vol. I (2 tomes) Sri Chinmoy answers series - questions answered mainly in 90's and 2000's
  • Anecdotes vol. I Run and become, become and run series of running stories
  • Poetry vol. II  (2 tomes) Ten Thousand Flower-Flames poem series written 1979-83
  • Poetry vol. III (4 tomes) Twenty-seven thousand Aspiration-Plants poem series written 1983-98
  • Poetry vol. IV (7 tomes) Seventy-seven thousand Service-Trees Sri Chinmoy begain this series in 1998, 50000 poems were written before his passing in 2007
  • Everest-Aspiration Original 100 talks.

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Books by Sri Chinmoy's students

Auspicious Good Fortune

by Sumangali Morhall
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Sumangali is one of the best writers in the Sri Chinmoy Centre, and this is an in-depth account of her journey to becoming a disciple of Sri Chinmoy and finding a deeper fulfilment in life. In vivid terms, she writes of her upbringing and her growing disillusionment with the expectations of modern life; her story is very unique, but the broad themes will resonate with many others also seeking to explore the world of meditation and spirituality.

The second half of the book describes the years she spent with Sri Chinmoy prior to his passing in 2007, and contains many illumining anecdotes and experiences with Sri Chinmoy which helped transform her life and spiritual practice. In all, the book is a revealing perspective on the Guru-disciple relationship, and how the ancient practice of learning from a spiritual Master can have great relevance to a modern spiritual life.

The audiobook, narrated by Sumangali, is also available free of charge to download from, or to listen to at Radio Sri Chinmoy.

Audio: Sumangali talks about how she came to meditation classes organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

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