Exercise 6- Meditating for special qualities

Divine consciousness -

Sri Chinmoy writes –

Dynamic energy of flowing river"When you breathe in and out, feel that a river of divine consciousness is continuously flowing through you without coercion or exertion. Feel that this river of divine consciousness is flowing in and out in constant oneness with the Creator. To meditate powerfully is to immerse oneself into the universal energy. Then you experience and witness all the divine qualities of the soul."

Vastness of the ocean –

Sri Chinmoy writes -

"Imagine something very vast, calm and quiet. When you start meditating feel that inside you is a vast ocean and that you have dived to the bottom, where it is all tranquillity. If you can identify yourself with this vast ocean, with this flood of tranquillity, then it will be extremely easy for you to meditate."

Vastness of the sky –

Sri Chinmoy writes -

"Kindly keep your eyes half open and imagine the vast sky. In the beginning try to feel that the sky is in front of you. Later try to feel that you are as vast as the sky, or that you are the vast sky itself. After a few minutes, please close your eyes and try to see and feel the sky inside your heart. Please feel that you are the universal heart, and that inside you is the sky that you meditated upon and identified yourself with. Your spiritual heart is infinitely vaster than the sky, so you can easily house the sky within yourself."

Other divine qualities -

Sri Chinmoy writes -

"PeaceMeditate in the early evening, between six and seven. Nature as it offers its salutations to the setting sun will help you, comfort and inspire you.

JoyMeditate early in the morning between five and six. Mother earth with her sweet love, will help you.

PatienceMeditate in the evening, meditate sitting at the foot of a tree. Meditate on the tree. Its protection consciousness will help you."

By loving more and more,
One day we shall be able to solve
All our problems.

-Sri Chinmoy-

Sacred lotus flower