Meditation exercise 3. - Heart-Flower

The delight, beauty and fragrance of a flower brings untold joy to both the outer eye and inner heart.

The heart-flower visualisation -

Sri Chinmoy writes -

"Kindly imagine a flower inside your spiritual heart. Imagine that the flower is not yet fully blossomed, it is still a small bud. After you have meditated for a few minutes, please try to imagine that petal by petal the flower is slowly blossoming.

See and feel that flower blossoming petal by petal inside your heart. Then after five minutes, try to feel that there is no heart at all, there is only this flower and its divine beauty and fragrance.


The flower has become your heart and your heart has become a flower. After seven or eight minutes, please feel that this heart-flower has covered your whole body. Your body is no longer there; from the head to your feet you can feel the fragrance of a beautiful flower. Everywhere the fragrance, beauty, delight and purity of the flower has permeated your entire body.

Now feel that you are a child, no matter how old you are in earthly years. Whatever a child sees, he feels is his own, he identifies with it spontaneously. Immediately feel that you are standing in a flower garden. This flower garden is your spiritual heart. A child can play in the garden for hours. He will go from this flower to that flower, but he will not leave the garden, because he will get joy from the beauty and fragrance of each flower.

Inside you is the flower garden and you can stay within it for as long as you want. The moment you feel that you are a child you can easily meditate in the heart’s flower garden".

When you meditate,
Think of a morning flower
Smiling and smiling,
Radiating its beauty and
Offering its fragrance.
This is how you can make friends
With your soul
And fly with it infinitely higher
Than the confines of the mind.

-Sri Chinmoy-


Sacred lotus flower

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