Spirituality means speed


Spirituality means speed: speed in the inner world, speed in the outer world. In the inner world, speed is founded mostly upon aspiration. In the outer world, speed is founded mostly upon inspiration.

Sri Chinmoy 1

It is rather interesting how I got to write this page. I had been thinking about how to increase my own speed in the spiritual life. This article accounts for a small experience I had. What happened is that recently I have been doing too much technical work, on a computer screen, and I felt it was affecting me, making me feel tired and useless. So I felt the need to sharpen or 'speed up' my consciousness (or natural awareness).
But why is speed necessary? Can we not go at a slow, steady pace? Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes, reminding us of the famous story about the race between a turtle and a hare. But I think the answer to my own question is more like riding a bicycle – the faster you go:
  • the more balance you have;
  • the easier it becomes to surmont occasional obstacles such as hills;
  • the more difficult it is for outer interferences to stop you
  • the more you discover capacity in yourself and
  • the more joy you get from your speed! :D
We know that vehicles can easily skip over small holes on the road if they go fast enough – so all the same we might be above the daily pits and falls of life if we can get to this turning point of speed.

I bicycle with my heavenly friend: speed!
Earthly cries before me die,
Heavenly smiles within me fly.
Supreme God-Joy our only need.

Sri Chinmoy 2
But how can I increase my own speed? I think for different people at different times, there will be different manners to achieve more speed. For me, it usually means focusing more on the inner aspects meditation, music, devotional practices – with the outer aspects following naturally afterwards, like a wave and its tow.  Also it happens sometimes that, when the outer aspect is doing well, it becomes easier for the inner dimension to grow. Like, when I do some voluntary work or write about my experiences, I usually feel quite good inwardly, inspired and aware. So that is how I got into writing this small article not just for you, but also for me. 
Even though I am extremely far from the great spiritual figure Swami Vivekananda’s 'speed' or awareness, I would like to quote him in the vein of this page’s theme:
“Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.”