203 pounds of ice-cream: a celebration around Australia

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Adelaide, Geelong and Melbourne invited the community to join in their celebration of Sri Chinmoy's 203 pound wrist curl weightlifting achievement with free ice-cream.

Sri Chinmoy's incredible feat of strength was celebrated around Australia with...... You guessed it: Ice-Cream! 203 pounds of ice-cream was distributed in three cities over two days.

Delicious creamy vanilla and chocolate were the choices of the day in Adelaide.  A large freezer and display of Sri Chinmoy's activities were set up outside the Adelaide Enterprise – Joy-Discovery Vegetarian Cafe.  Coincidentally the street number for the Cafe is number  203!!  It also happened to be the day of Adelaide's world-famous Christmas Pageant so there were thousands of children in the city – PERFECT!!

Geelong market goers were lucky enough to recieve their Sunday morning treat while hunting for a bargain at the Belmont Markets.  "Strewth!" Commented one ice-cream eating Australian, "Its very rare that you get something for nothing in this day and age.  What Sri Chinmoy has acomplished is amazing! Did he really achieve this feat of strength because of his love of ice-cream?!"

Melbourne,The Olympic DreamMelbourne runners competing in the largest race in Victoria, The Olympic Dream, were treated with small tubs of ice-cream sprinkled with hundereds and thousands at the end of the greulling 10 kliometre event.

Gen Enjoying her Ice-CreamBig kids and little kids joined what seemed a never ending queue as members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre dynamically scooped 4000 ice-creams in just under 4 hours, over two days in three cities. Looking at the display of Sri Chinmoy's achievements one big kid commented:"I think this is an amazing thing to celebrate- THANK YOU!" Another marvelled, "Is Sri Chinmoy really 74...Unbelievable !" The big kids asked the questions and the little kids stood ever so quietly waiting for their ice-cream. Upon handing it to them it was as though you were handing them a pot of gold, their faces were so full of delight and wonder. It was a magic celebration of Sri Chinmoy's achievements through self-giving and oneness.

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203 pounds of ice-cream: a celebration around Australia - Australia Sri Chinmoy Centre


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