Canberra Sri Chinmoy Centre

The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Canberra strives to present the many dimensions of Sri Chinmoy's path of the heart, in the life of the nation's capital.

fountainThe Sri Chinmoy Centre has been established in Canberra since 1981. Central to the purpose of the Centre is the promotion of the practise of meditation as a means to inner peace, personal growth and fulfilment. To this end, the Centre offers regular free meditation classes as a community service in numerous locations throughout Canberra. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Canberra have many years' combiined experience in practising and sharing the fundamentals of this ancient and practical life-art. As we are all different, there is no one method to suit every seeker, so classes are structured to introduce a variety of concentration and meditation techniques. Emphasis is always on practical application leading to direct experience of the benefits of meditation, with the aim of fostering the practise of meditation as an integral component of a full and balanced life experience.

The Centre promotes the ideals of physical fitness and self-transcendence through the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which offers a variety of running, swimming, triathlon and multi-sport events throughout the year. The SCMT has also established 2 measured recreational training courses along the foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin: the Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running Course starting and finishing at Acton Ferry Terminal and the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile at Westbourne Woods.