Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running Course

The Sri Chinmoy 10 km Recreational Running Course is a popular signposted training and recreational facility on pedestrian and cycle paths along the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin, in the heart of Canberra.

The course is ideal for athletes in need of a measured course on which to train for both time and distance.  The course has been officially AA certified.

Its location makes it very popular not only with runners, but also walkers, skaters and cyclists at all times of day.  The course is a well-used commuting route into and out of the city, and offers ready access to scenic vantage points ideal for relaxation, recreation and contemplation.

The concept for the course was inspired by the example of fitness advocate and self-transcendence guru, Sri Chinmoy.

Established in 1984 at the urging of then Federal Member for Canberra and later Federal Minister for Sport, Ros Kelly, the signs on the course have been replaced once each decade.  The present signs were installed on Saturday 7 May 2005.

The course is 5 kms out and back.  Aesthetic green signs, blending well with the natural surrounds are posted at every turn on the course, at 2 km intervals and at the turnaround point (5 km).

The start and finish marker for the course is situated on the cycle path just to the west of the Acton Ferry Terminal.  Access is via the car park at the end of Barrine Dr, off
Commonwealth Ave.  The 5 km turnaround point is on Yarramundi Reach, off Lady Denman Dr.

Several times each year the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team stage 10 km and 4 km public Fun-Runs over the course.

The all-comer's course record is held by Nick De Castella, brother of marathon legend Robert de Castella.  Nick's 1985 time for the hilly, challenging 10 km course still stands at an impressive 30:13.

All are most welcome to use and enjoy the Sri Chinmoy Recreational Running Course.