Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre

The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Perth is founded on the ideals of joy and self-transcendence.

The Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre was re-established in 1995. The core qualities of the Centre are derived from the practice of meditation and the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy. Bringing together a dynamic culture, we thrive on challenging the perceived boundaries of human potential and inspiring those around us to adopt a similar approach in their own lives.

As part of a community service to the public, we conduct free meditation classes and workshops regularly throughout the year in various locations. These are designed primarily for the beginner, though we find many well trained seekers looking to increase the depth of their current practice or to establish a more disciplined daily routine. Since the classes are always free, many people come back time and again to reacquaint themeselves with the goal of the exercises: to feel the presence of the spiritual heart by first quietening and then ultimately silencing the mind.

All the members of the Centre are physically active, following one of the main principles of Sri Chinmoy's teachings. We run all distances from 2mile races through to marathons. In this vein, we stage the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run throughout the region. In the week of celebrations, we visited 20 schools and spoke to them on the benefits of approaching life with more oneness and understanding. It is this sort of event that expands our hearts and feeling of oneness with the rest of the world, proving that we are all one family.