Meditation Classes

Meditation is simple and natural but its benefits are profound. Through meditation we learn the art of deep relaxation, how to create a calm and peaceful mind and awaken our spiritual heart. The heart is all love, peace, harmony and oneness and we use these inner qualities to make our life happier and more fulfilling.

quarter indian design Meditation shows us that we grow and learn from within. Everything we need to fulfil us, to understand and face life’s challenges and to create a life of infinite possibilities is already within us. Meditation is the pathway to spiritual growth, our own inner journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Beginner Classes

Beginner courses are for those who have done little or no formal training in meditation. The beginner courses explore what meditation is and how it can work for everyone. Topics for discussion include using meditation for self-awareness, stress management, overcoming life problems and achieving inner potential. The courses introduce simple and effective exercises to still the mind, including breathing techniques, creative visualisation, concentration and meditation.  New beginner classes are held each month.

Continuation Classes

These classes are designed for those who have attended a beginner class and wish to enhance their practice. The classes explore the many aspects of meditation and introduce how to establish a regular daily meditation program, a range of interesting and effective techniques, and discuss the many life situations that can benefit from the long-term practise of meditation.

Weekend Workshops

The Weekend Workshops are designed as a condensed version of the regular four-week Beginners Class. They are a great way to get acquainted with meditation for the first time or to rekindle inspiration for those who have a little experience.

A range of techniques are explored including chanting mantras, silent concentration and meditation techniques, the use of music for meditation and some helpful breathing and visualisation techniques. Discussion touches upon subjects such as personal development, lifestyle management and spiritual awakening.

Music Meditation

Not everyone may feel drawn to meditation, but music can inspire us all…. Like mantras, spiritual songs are a powerful, enjoyable way to nourish our inner life and to open our hearts.  Join us for regular sessions learning ‘songs for the spirit’ – join in and sing or just listen.  The purpose of the sessions are:
  • To learn to feel music from the heart rather than to play music by pure technique;
  • To experience the expansion of oneself through spiritual music.

Homestudy Meditation Course

For those unable to attend our free classes, a popular at-home course is available. Homestudy guides the seeker through the ABCs of learning meditation at home and includes 4 weeks of comprehensive tuition in a structured programme.