Activities in Geelong

The Geelong Sri Chinmoy Centre has initiated numerous inspirational community events...

brochure.jpgMeditation Classes

As a community service we provide free meditation classes to members of the public, as well as seminars to assist people in developing a positive philosophy of life. We have up and coming classes in October 2006. Contact us for details.

races.jpgFun Runs

The Geelong Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team stage occasional races in Geelong. Our next race is scheduled in October 2006 .

jarna_kala.jpgArt Exhibitions

Currently we have a travelling exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna-Kala art in libraries around the Geelong and Surf Coast region. Sri Chinmoy's works of art express sentiments of harmony, childlike joy, and innocence through his use of abundant colour and sweeping strokes. View the gallery of some of Sri Chinmoy's works of art.

harmony.jpgWorld Harmony Run

The World Harmony Run visits Geelong every year, inspiring the public with the ideal of wold harmony. Read more about the World Harmony Run's visit to Geelong in 2005 and 2006.

oneness.jpgOneness-Heart Tears & Smiles

The Geelong community has given generously to the Oneness-Heart Tears & Smiles, which aims to provide much needed goods to under developed nations. Individuals and schools as well as businesses such as Tates Toy Kingdom and Micorscene computers have supported this global initiative. Geelong Rotary has generously provided us with storage space and assisted in many other ways.