Harmony Run Participates in Gala Day Parade

World Harmony Run team members joined with the local community in Geelong by participating in this year’s Gala Day Parade, broadcasting the message of hope and harmony amongst spectators.

Gala Day Parade

Melbourne and Geelong World Harmony Run team members enjoyed the spirit of Gala Day Parade by passing the flaming-torch to hundreds of spectators along the 1km route that spiralled through the main streets of Geelong.

The Parade and Family Fun Day is well known as the highlight of the 3-month appeal aimed to raise more than $3.5 million for the Emergency Department at the Geelong Hospital. Geelong Esplanade “It was a great event to be involved in.” stated World Harmony Run coordinator Melinda Pearson. “The children were mesmerised to the flame when we approached them and invited them to hold the torch. Events like the Gala Day Parade bring the community together to celebrate life and the spirit of harmony and joy. We were proud to be part of this event, and look forward to participating in next year’s parade.”

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