Harmony Run Participates In Pako Festa Parade

The World Harmony Run enjoyed its participation in this year's Famous Pako Festa of Geelong, Australia...

10 members of the World Harmony Run Team shared the spirit of the Harmony Runrd annual Pako Festa, a celebration of multiculturalism through the streets of Geelong West. with hundred's of on-lookers taking in the sights and sounds.

Over 60 multi cultural groups participated in this years event. Some, including the World Harmony Run, for the first time.

“It was a great event to participate in,” stated local World Harmony Run coordinator Sushmitam Rouse. “We love to see the children's faces shine with delight when they hold to Harmony Torch and make a wish for harmony in their own lives.”

The World Harmony Run in Australia kicks off on the 23rdGeelong. For full details of this years Australian run check out the route and regular updatesWorld Harmony Run Website. of May with a ceremony in Johnstone Park, posted on the