Melinda Pearson Competes in Ultimate Triathlon

Melinda competed in the grueling three day ultra in Canberra, Australia earlier this month. It is the longest ultra triathlon held in Australia.


Melinda Pearson even surprised herself with her staggering achievement in 40 degree heat. The Picturesque Ultra Triathlon staged in Canberra consisted of a 15 km swim, 400 km cycle and 100 km run. “Most people would not even consider completing one of the legs, not to mention all three!” stated race director Bernice Matthews.

Melinda Pearson of Geelong Australia was one of 3 brave solo competitors determined to complete the three day event. Single parent of two has been known to train up to three times a day to prepare for the ultra event. She has completed each of the legs over the past three years as part of a team, and was determined to challenge her body, mind and spirit to the next level this year. “Even though I did not complete all three stages of the event I was happy with my achievement,” stated Melinda. “Transcendence is about going beyond your personal barriers; I really did that and felt that my year of hard training paid off. Next year I endeavor to be out there again…. I hope to one day complete this most arduous event!”

For full event results, race report and photographs visit the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team website.