Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden, soars

Sri Chinmoy's inspirational writings titled "Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden" generates new international sales...

'Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden' continues to achieve high sales figures in both Australia and New Zealand. So popular is the book that it is being REPRINTED in preparation for its introduction into the UK, US, Canada and Europe. Heart-Garden's international success is now guaranteed as it is securing a listing on Amazon

The ideal gift on any occasion, the book's appeal is to the universal seeker – those seeking something higher, more fulfilling and a life of true satisfaction. A collection of universal aphorisms suited to all religions, faiths and beliefs. Written with a rare clarity and vision, they serve the innermost aspirations of all readers, expanding their awareness by example, reflection and encouragement. Whether its a gift for a friend or collegue Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden's aphorisms will inspire, encourage and bring lasting fulfilment to the reader.

Do you want to be happy? Learn the beautiful art Of self-encouragement.

~Sri Chinmoy

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