Sri Chinmoy Books - International

Sri Chinmoy Books now includes translations in seven languauges.

Highly respected spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy has written over 1500 books on all aspects of a seekers' spiritual journey. Students of Sri Chinmoy in Sri Chinmoy Centres around the world have translated many of his most popular books.

Sri Chinmoy's Books

An increasing selection of these books are now available in - Russia, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Finland, Slovenia and Hungary. As well, Sri Chinmoy's books are available in English in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and EU. Books are available through Sri Chinmoy Centres in these countries or through OnLine Booksellers. The Sri Chinmoy Books web site offers Sri Chinmoy's writings to an ever-increasing audience of global seekers. Books include Sri Chinmoy's best sellers - The Wings of Joy, Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden, Meditation and Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy. New to the site is information on Sri Chinmoy's official publisher and book distributor, Aum Publications and Heart-Light Distributors. If you are looking for books on Meditation and Spirituality or Daily Inspiration, wanting to raise your children in a spiritual environment - A Child's Heart and a Child's Dreams, searching for inspiration as an artist or musician - The Source of Music or seeking a spiritual teacher -The Master and the Disciple, Sri Chinmoy and his most popular writings shall open your heart and awaken your aspirations.