Book Launch of "Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden"

"Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden," a hand-picked selection of poems for joy and inspiration, is the first book of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms to be published by an Australian publisher.

Now in its first REPRINT Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden continues its strong sales through Australia and New Zealand. Now being imported into the US, Europe and the UK this delightful book is lifting the heart's of readers around the globe. With over 300 aphorisms on 131 pages, poems and grouped into nine titled categories. Each category title is written in Sri Chinmoy’s own hand-writing and accompanied by Sri Chinmoy’s delicate bird drawings.

The book's appeal is to the universal seeker – those seeking something higher, more fulfilling and a life of true satisfaction. A collection of universal aphorisms suited to all religions, faiths and beliefs. Written with a rare clarity and vision, they serve the innermost aspirations of all readers, expanding their awareness by example, reflection and encouragement. Beautifully hard cover bound in soft pastel colours, Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden is the perfect gift for any occasion.

First published by "New Holland Publishers." (Australia) Pty Ltd. 2005. 14 Aquatic Drive Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia.

ISBN – 174110236-7

RRP - (Aust ) $14.95