Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden to Health Clinics

A wonderful story of distributing Sri Chinmoy's writings from the Adelaide Sri Chinmoy Centre, Australia

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Adelaide have embarked upon a new project: distributing 75 copies of Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden to Health Clinics around their city. They are offering the poetry books as a free gift to be placed in the waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries, chiropractors, naturopaths, podiatrists, physiotherapists and dental surgeries. Anubha Baird, who has worked in health clinics and is coordinating the project, said when "Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden" was first published she felt that it was the perfect gift to inspire and uplift patients before their treatments.

They have chosen the number 75 to celebrate Sri Chinmoy's upcoming 75th birthday on August 27. The staff at the clinics have been absolutely delighted by the project, with the beauty of the book and its inspiring aphorisms.